Leftist [adjective]

Definition of Leftist:

politically radical

Synonyms of Leftist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leftist:

Sentence/Example of Leftist:

Fellow talk-show host Dennis Prager has made the case that leftists, not conservatives, are liberals’ true enemy.

Their prospects also moved in tandem, reflecting their practice of campaigning together and hammering the common theme that their opponents were leftist radicals championing socialism.

Adrian, a leftist cryptocurrency enthusiastBroadly speaking, blockchain could serve socialists in two ways.

Last Sunday, Bolivia elected 57-year-old Luis Arce as its next president in a landslide win for the leftist Movement for Socialism — widely known as MAS — of former leader Evo Morales.

San Diego, a small city at the southern edge of California, was especially suspicious of leftists as it watched the revolution in Mexico with alarm.

I remember several of the Dallas real conservatives called that Dallas council very leftist.

I don't think you can call a man an extreme leftist, rightist, or middle-of-the-roader and have him classified that simply.

Ray has always had the propaganda that he is a leftist and that he is Castro without Castro.

Gramsci, the Sardinian leftist philosopher, suggested the need for a language of the proletariat.

I have in mind—was this in your opinion a rightist plot, a leftist plot, an anarchist plot?