Leftovers [noun]

Definition of Leftovers:

remainder, remains

Synonyms of Leftovers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leftovers:

Sentence/Example of Leftovers:

There was leftovers stuffed in the corner, clothes and things, but rather open.

"Well, that whole case is full of leftovers and I don't want it touched," Lapin said.

Small leftovers of any vegetable, peas, corn or cauliflower may also be minced and added with good effect.

Two essentials are necessary to successfully utilize leftovers: First, good seasoning; second, attractive appearance.

The French excel in serving leftovers because they so thoroughly understand the art of flavoring and seasoning.

Happy combinations are hit upon in mixing leftovers of several kinds by the cupful.

It was too late to get himself anything elaborate; he found some leftovers in the refrigerator and combined them into a stew.

On another pushcart were toys, leftovers, seconds from last Christmas.

The new generation would thus be born from the leftovers, and would be poor quality.

Wà pay makadawdaw sa nasunúgan, Nobody can salvage the leftovers from the fire.