Legalities [noun]

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Regardless of the legality of sharing data with law enforcement, this is a breach of trust of our communities.

Like any private publisher, social media companies are entitled to edit, censor, or block content at will—whether it be around legality, truth, political ideology, or taste.

In closing, I still am unsure how to feel about Google surfacing content questioning the legality or legitimacy of companies in their navigational brand searches.

Still, the legality of it was important to Jerry Samet, who had a deeply felt conviction about family and the end of life.

It is standard for candidates to the Supreme Court to decline, whether in private or during public testimony, to weigh in on the legality of cases on which they may have to rule.

Lawsuits challenging the legality of one local fee argued that the fees didn’t just suck but that they weren’t enacted legally.

Now, the agency will bring in yet another law firm to review the audit and its findings, and come to a final conclusion about the legality of the severance payments and the promotions and bonuses given to certain staffers.

The oneus goes back to HR to communicate to employees the legalities behind it.

For the longer answer, we need to get into the legality of betting on actual sporting events.

Wednesday’s Morning Report incorrectly noted that officials were reviewing the legality of using parking revenue to fund the smart streetlights program.