Legally [adverb]

Definition of Legally:

in accordance with the law

Synonyms of Legally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Legally:

Sentence/Example of Legally:

It meets all EPA and NSF guidelines to remove bacteria and protozoa, though there is no legal requirement for filters to do so.

Parker said he was not aware of any other legal actions the state was taking against the business that could lead to it being shut down.

Before joining the Labor Department last year, she’d worked for legal organizations that serve low-wage workers, including immigrants, on labor-related issues.

In a filing to the Supreme Court, Hall’s attorneys told the justices that the government should not rush to execute a federal prisoner in the middle of a pandemic that makes it difficult for Hall to work with his legal team and seek clemency.

The Division of Elections rejected the recall petition, based on Clarkson’s legal advice, but Alaska courts have ruled the effort could proceed.

Sometimes it’s legal, sometimes it’s illegal, and sometimes it’s even mandated in the interest of safety like this summer in Buffalo, New York.

While AI is not something I write about on a regular basis, I’ve been surprised at how much it has become part of law and the legal profession in recent years.

The information presented here should not be construed as legal advice.

The office has focused on outreach, education and legal actions to protect consumers and has brought tens of millions of dollars to the District through settlements and judgments in cases against corporate wrongdoers.

It remains unclear if ByteDance would risk legal action by keeping TikTok operational, or how fast a court might act in response to a DOJ request.