Legatee [noun]

Definition of Legatee:

person who has possession of

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Sentence/Example of Legatee:

Dividends that are declared after a grant or bequest, though earned before, go to the legatee as income.

A person to whom real estate is given is called a devisee; the receiver of personal property a legatee.

Thus, should a person mentioned as legatee die before the testator, the legacy would be invalid.

Any person may be a devisee or legatee including married women, minors and corporations.

Cesarine, the sole legatee of her lover, received an income of only six hundred livres.

But, although he had been left her majesty's residuary legatee, his claims were totally disregarded.

This has become a fortunate legatee, in comparison with what it was fifty years ago.

My mother was made residuary legatee to every thing that should remain, after paying all the bequests.

If, however, a legatee be described by initials of his name only, parol evidence may be given to prove his identity.

A legacy was sometimes given on condition that the legatee should not marry a Roman Catholic.