Legation [noun]

Definition of Legation:

government office in charge of foreign relations

Synonyms of Legation:

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Sentence/Example of Legation:

I went to a dinner at an American Legation once and two of your countrywomen came with their hats on.

Melfort was particularly active in laying traps for the young noblemen and gentlemen of the Legation.

Every gentleman of the legation had a gamekeeper specially assigned to him.

On the solution of this inquiry into the divine legation of Moses hang momentous issues.

I was to live at the Legation, there being no Ambassadorial women folks to make the staff de trop.

Mr. Heuskin, secretary of the United States legation, was the first assailed of the diplomatic body.

The linguist and the sentries of the British legation had perpetrated wrongs upon those by whom they subsequently fell.

This time we found that Mr. S. was in the Dutch Legation annexe, although engaged and busy.

Such cheques as we cashed on the Dutch Legation, or on Mr. S., were written on sheets of blank paper.

When Tony presented himself at the Legation, he found that nobody knew anything about him.