Legends [noun]

Definition of Legends:

story of the past, often fictitious

Synonyms of Legends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Legends:

Sentence/Example of Legends:

I believe that these are ideal characters constructed from still more ancient legends and traditions.

She has embodied in her work a modern comprehension of old legends.

Because it appears that in that ancient Accadian civilisation lie the seeds of many Bible laws and legends.

All her years she had squatted and waddled there upon the island, gathering legends of the Baratarians and the sea.

As Dorothy hastened on, some of the wild legends she had heard from childhood glanced through her mind.

There is no ruined fortress or castle in Bath, with its regulation lot of legends.

Two of the fathers were Mars and Anchises; and there are several other legends about the loves of Venus.

There are also a number of ruins along the valley, each with its romantic legends.

Any notes of legends, or suggestions of any kind, forwarded to my address as below, will be thankfully received and acknowledged.

The legends of the individual "Holy Helpers" were compiled from authors whose writings have the approval of the Church.