Leggings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Leggings:

His clothes marked him as a man of the city, for we do not wear shooting jackets, and breeches and leather leggings in our valley.

There was a quiet, cynical smile on his face as he sat there beating a tattoo on his leggings with a hickory twig.

He wore moccasins and buckskin leggings, and a dingy-blue flannel shirt, open at the throat.

She cut off the skin that hung below the knees, and afterward used it to make a pair of leggings.

Not wishing to disturb him, I retired to get rid of my muddy boots and leggings; and on my return, dinner was on the table.

The dress of the men is composed of a breech cloth, skin leggings, mockasins, and a bison robe.

His robe was ragged and his leggings drooped down slouchingly in wrinkles about his ankles as he walked.

His buckskin leggings, like those of the Indians Raoul had just killed, were dirty and full of rips and holes.

He wore a grey overcoat, a grey felt hat, grey leggings, and his boots were grey with the dust which had settled on them.

He would tell her to bring heavy leather leggings, so that he might take her on a trip around the trail.