Leggy [adjective]

Definition of Leggy:

long and lean

Synonyms of Leggy:

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Sentence/Example of Leggy:

As a girl she had been what a certain sporting earl described as "a leggy beauty."

Parson Leggy was the other would-be mediator; for he hated to see the two principal parishioners of his tiny cure at enmity.

"As quick as a cat, with the heart of a lion and the temper of Nick's self," was Parson Leggy's description.

Parson Leggy declared roundly that his like had not been seen since the days of Rex son of Rally.

Parson Leggy danced an unclerical jig, and shook hands with the squire till both those fine old gentlemen were purple in the face.

It was at the instigation of Parson Leggy that the squire imported a bloodhound to track the Killer to his doom.

Specimens that have got leggy may be cut back just before growth commences.

Roses are about the worst, for they soon run up leggy, and only flower at the top out of sight.

The Cape or fat-tailed sheep is a leggy, active animal, with a hairy skin, bred solely for the butcher.

Big, leggy bay with a white spot on his forehead about the size of a nickel.