Legibility [noun]

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Legibility is the politeness of men of letters, as punctuality of kings and beggars.

Professor Koopman dwells particularly on the influence of short lines on legibility.

Anything that adds to the legibility of the printing improves it; anything that detracts from its legibility harms it.

At the end of the row stood a thin, dingy book whose title had passed out of legibility.

Competitors are asked to note that legibility of handwriting will carry weight as well as intrinsic merit.

But then neither is at home except on her visiting-day, and that is customarily written with much legibility on both their cards.

Sanford, Edmund Clark, on "The relative legibility of the smallletters," 122-124.

In them, surely, beauty and fitness may precede legibility unchallenged.

Art in lettering is only to be attained by solving the problem of legibility in the way most pleasing to the eye.

The balance of a letter or a series of letters is that effect which gives legibility and artistic proportions to the design.