Legible [adjective]

Definition of Legible:

easy to read

Synonyms of Legible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Legible:

Sentence/Example of Legible:

Is not the religion of our ancestors legible in the very ornaments of their house?

His features are harsh, and something of the tyrant is legible even through the adulation of the painter.

A dignified smile was the only reply she made, but in the smile was legible the progress his efforts were making.

The writing is perfectly legible, and shows no indication of a trembling hand.

That commencement is marked, not merely by the words of the dying Prince, but by a great and clearly legible sign.

Yet even a short-sighted person might easily have involuntarily read the address, so extremely legible was it.

Madges handwriting was unmistakable; it was brilliantly legible, too, and the address leaped from the envelope.

He dived into a small pocket 185 and produced a note, crumpled and soiled, but still legible.

We groped our way among the inscriptions, to find some of them nearly obliterated and many legible only in part.

The records become less scanty, even voluminous, and they are more legible.