Legion [adjective]

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Because the companies that Reddit’s legion of traders decided to pump were ultimately not selected for anything other than price plasticity.

As legions of day traders drove up GameStop’s share price more than than 1,700% this month, institutional investors who had bet against it have stomached massive losses, scrambling to cover their positions by buying the stock back.

Hathiramani sees his startup as an onramp to the tech industry for legions of workers who have the skillsets to work in tech, but lack the network to see themselves in the business.

All have been criticized for inflating the cost of living in big cities, particularly on the West Coast, where legions of well-paid software developers helped drive up housing prices.

Instances of PPP fraud are legion and continue to pile up, from the fake Florida ministry that allegedly received more than $8 million in government funds to the Texas man who allegedly poured nearly $1 million of PPP money into cryptocurrency.

Even though Apple has adjusted well to the pandemic by having its legions of developers and store employees work from home, the head of the tech company’s retail and human resources says in-person contact is still ideal in many cases.

Roller skating never stopped being cool, but this year the sport has picked up legions of new fans.

According to news stories––the offering’s prospectus isn’t easily available in English––BHE pre-sold around one-fifth of its share to institutional investors and its legions of fans at the equivalent of $118.

The band’s legions of loyal fans—and some politicians—are calling for delays to BTS’s military service or the formation of an alternative option, like working abroad to represent South Korean interests.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a boon for digital payments, inspiring legions of people to buy more things online and to use contactless payments.