Legislative [adjective]

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Today’s Republicans strip power from governors in lame-duck legislative sessions.

The left-wing Working Families Party endorsed challengers in four legislative primaries, and all four of them were in the lead as of Wednesday morning.

Although scant polling is available for state legislative races, it’s reasonable to assume down-ballot races will follow the top of the ticket … which could allow Democrats to break the Republican supermajority, if not win a majority of their own.

Many states had finished their normal legislative session at the time of Floyd’s death and are planning to address police accountability next year.

So what we’ve seen now—and this is mostly legislative efforts in the US—is bills that mandate accuracy and nondiscrimination audits for facial-recognition systems.

In the legislative branch, this summer’s police reform bills have stalled out.

There’s kind of legislative machinery as we call it, which is how the Senate and the Congress are run.

Holvey said legislative action feels closer to reality than in previous years.

It’s not just in the courts, legislative chambers, or other government bodies.

Congress tried to address the question, and the Senate and the House of Representatives have separately passed bills recognizing this form of discrimination – but never in the same legislative session, which means it couldn’t become law.