Legislators [noun]

Definition of Legislators:

person in government who makes laws

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In Ohio, Josh Mandel announced his candidacy to replace Rob Portman, the temperate conservative and meticulous legislator who is retiring in 2022.

FOP President Clyde Boatwright said his members are telling legislators to not let “the things that are happening nationally affect our policy.”

Voters in Louisiana, Maryland and South Dakota approved sports-betting ballot measures in November, while legislators in Virginia and Washington state enacted bills earlier last year.

Ellsberg contacted multiple legislators, but none would play ball.

While the antitrust case against Alcoa was initially dismissed, the government won its appeal in 1945, providing legislators with the power to bust the trust.

As a new report from the Brennan Center for Justice documents, so far in 2021, “legislators have introduced three times the number of bills to restrict voting access as compared to this time last year.”

Barrera told state legislators last week the district has made all its reopening plans in partnership with the district’s unions – and it is likely any contemplated employee mandate would be bargained first.

Like the New Dealers before them, these legislators recognized that expanding educational opportunities was vital for an individual’s chance to succeed and the entire nation’s prosperity.

It’s all about their names — and virtually all about the sounds of those names, not the actual politics or personalities of the legislators.

If so, he said, legislators who have comorbidities will be given priority.