Legislature [noun]

Definition of Legislature:

governmental body, most often elected, that makes laws

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Sentence/Example of Legislature:

Tech lawyers and digital data and privacy pros are watching closely as privacy bills move through state legislatures.

She said a similar bill passed the House last year before the legislature abruptly adjourned its session due to the coronavirus.

Two bills before the legislature would make such records available.

Duncan said the figure would become public record once the council submitted it to the legislature.

The part-time legislature meets for 60 days during even-numbered years.

He called on Hogan to partner with the legislature to address structural injustice, including efforts to overhaul policing.

The state legislature will have to address the issue of whether to extend the ban on new online charter schools in the current session, which ends in September.

The constitution gives unelected members of the military 25% of seats in national and state legislatures, making amendments impossible without military support.

Anyone who thought a crisis of this scale might tip a split legislature into banding together appears to have been wrong.

Thanks to the malleable institutions they preside over, they already have their legislatures on a tight leash.