Legitimated [verb]

Definition of Legitimated:

allow, validate

Synonyms of Legitimated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Legitimated:

Sentence/Example of Legitimated:

Of all the late King's legitimated Children his Majesty seem'd to be fondest of this.

Hereafter we shall also find the Princes of the Blood declaring against those Princes that had been legitimated.

The honors of the legitimated princes were restricted to the simple rank of their peerages.

Catherine had been his mistress for many years, and his children by her, who bore the name of Beaufort, were now legitimated.

To all appearance, the political error which legitimated scarcity would have never been put an end to by them.

Natural children, as such, never rank as members of the family, but they may be legitimated.

It is in vain for my son to deny him; any one may see of what race he comes, and I am sorry that he is not legitimated.

Of the four daughters she bore him, three only were legitimated by his successor.

Roman antiquity conceived these as under the care of priesthoods, legitimated by the State.

The preventive remedy applied by the Church is legitimated as well as additionally recommended by the following consideration.