Leis [noun]

Definition of Leis:

circular decoration

Synonyms of Leis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leis:


Sentence/Example of Leis:

Sumar lei af, ok frtti rhallr ekki til sauamanns, ok engi kunni skyn honum.

Heyru menn til sauamanns ǫndveran daginn, en mir er lei daginn.

Tk at fjka, ok geri hr um kveldit; kmu menn til ta, ok lei sv fram at dagsetri; eigi kom Glmr heim.

But her picture was not worth five lei, as you can see for yourself.

"A Lei non posso dar un rifiuto," said he, meeting her shining eyes; and he gravely gathered the money and slung his tray.

After it was over I made an unsuccessful attempt to induce the woman of the house to part with her orange-coloured lei.

Mamo feathers are generally worth a dollar a piece, and a good lei or loose necklace costs about five hundred dollars.

Watch tapa-pounding and shell-lei making in the morning and portrait painters and cartoonists in the evening.

I leave with you as tokens of my sovereign will my niho palaoa (whale's tooth), and my lei.

Three or four handkerchiefs and two pairs of socks— Saputangan barang tiga ampat lei, sarong kaki dua pasang.