Leisured [adjective]

Definition of Leisured:

without a job

Opposite/Antonyms of Leisured:

Sentence/Example of Leisured:

Even before I left England, I had got tired of the ordinary leisured woman's life.

She does not see the twelve and fourteen hour days of work in that rosy dream of good wages and leisured evenings in town.

It was the education of an aristocratic leisured class who had not to earn their living.

The smaller erotic collection in the locked bureau in the study presumably had companioned Sir Jacques' more leisured hours.

The iron and coal valleys of the Vermissa district were no resorts for the leisured or the cultured.

From this leisured land a stiff climb brought us on to high ground and into a lighter, more exciting air.

The seasons had their leisured way; the people moved with heavy feet; the moor lay in its wisdom, suffering decay and growth.

Here in one compact volume, is all that it is necessary to know about Chopin and his works except by the leisured enthusiast.

The truth is, that the young American of gentle birth and leisured ease hates to soil his hands with public affairs.

They lived before the hurry of our cheap periodical press, when men wrote leisurely for leisured readers.