Leisurely [adjective]

Definition of Leisurely:

casual, unhurried

Synonyms of Leisurely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leisurely:

Sentence/Example of Leisurely:

The lightly trafficked, mostly flat road makes for a terrific leisurely bike ride.

He campaigned confidently, if rather leisurely, abroad a private train called the “Dewey Victory Special.”

Poindexter ordered his men to fall in, and they followed Porter, but at a more leisurely gait.

In the evening, we improved our gondoliers' time in rowing leisurely from one point of interest to another.

When the service was over, they walked leisurely homeward, and their conversation became more intimate.

So Lawrence find Harry rode ahead, the squad some fifteen or twenty paces in the rear, leisurely following.

And then she saw Florrie Bagster, on the other side of the street, walking leisurely by the sea-wall, alone.

Mr. Grenville, who was not in any case the man to do things in a hurry, nevertheless proceeded very leisurely in the matter.

Even the short stop had allowed their horses a breathing spell and they could now ride more leisurely.

Our journey to Assouan occupied eleven days, a leisurely progress averaging about two and a-half miles an hour.