Lends [verb]

Definition of Lends:

loan, accommodate

Synonyms of Lends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lends:

Sentence/Example of Lends:

Twinco Capital also has a debt facility with the Spanish investment bank EBN Banco de Negocios, which is common for any type of lending company.

Initially, she finds excuses – a visit to check in on her “neighbor” at the hospital, an offer to lend a hand with the various burdens of care – but when these begin to wear thin, her efforts escalate.

Unlike mortgage originators, which lend money to the borrower, a mortgage servicer interfaces with the borrower for the duration of their loan – and that can be anywhere from 15 to 30 years.

We've written a number of times about why Animal Crossing's chill, landscape-tending gameplay lends itself perfectly to our current stuck-inside-amid-a-pandemic moment.

My experiences as a mother to my son, George, have also lent inspiration to my work, especially my founding of the Fabrics Matter Movement.

We’ve since learned, via CNN’s reporting, that she once seemed to lend support to executing prominent Democrats before she herself was an elected official.

It’s aged in the same barrels the company uses to brew its Dragon Milk stout, which lends a soft bite, with notes of vanilla and malts.

Not only does it add taste, but it also lends a luxurious mouthfeel.

Whether they admit it or not, even the most diehard anti-Americans wonder where Iran would have been today if they had lent their support to the moderate voices of their time.

She explains that imitation ground beef browns in a skillet just like the real stuff and actually packs a tastier punch than most store-bought ground beef, thanks to yeast extract that lends it ample umami flavor.