Lengthwise [adverb]

Definition of Lengthwise:


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Sentence/Example of Lengthwise:

Using poultry shears and starting at the neck, make a lengthwise cut down one side of the backbone to the tail.

Slice them lengthwise and place them in a roasting pan, cut side facing up.

This cloth was doubled lengthwise, not down the center but so that one fold was deeper than the other.

The island was some thirteen miles long, lying lengthwise with its head pointing about northeast and the foot southwest.

Each of these divides again by mitosis (the chromosomes splitting lengthwise), the half or haploid number remaining.

The grain of the outside veneer runs lengthwise, while that of the inside piece runs crosswise.

Boil eight eggs hard; shell them, and cut a thin slice off the bottom of each, cut each into four lengthwise.

There are two seats running lengthwise, the opposite way to that which they do in an English train.

Cut four snipes in two lengthwise, remove the gizzards, put the trails aside, and season the birds with salt and cayenne.

Then fold the coat again in half lengthwise, using the back as a hinge.