Lenses [noun]

Definition of Lenses:

glass for vision

Synonyms of Lenses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lenses:


Sentence/Example of Lenses:

By means of other lenses and prisms an image of the external object is thus made visible to those within the submarine.

Beardsley looked up brightly, and even through those lenses Mandleco could see the sharp focus.

Campani published in 1678 a work on horology, and on the manufacture of lenses for telescopes.

The thick triple lenses were free from clouding, and the glasses between them kept out the biting cold of the heights.

Details became more and more perceptible, as if I were gradually changing the lenses of a microscope.

Three inches is the separation of the lenses in stereoscopic cameras and the negatives made as above will be the same.

In the afternoon, they brought a machine with staring lenses and bright lights.

We must see him through some lenses—we must prefigure his immortality.

The dwarfs also have lenses of a translucent substance unknown to men.

He returned her stare defiantly, though he was aware of not reaching her through the lenses as effectively as she reached him.