Leonine [adjective]

Definition of Leonine:

very important; famous

Opposite/Antonyms of Leonine:

Sentence/Example of Leonine:

He was especially well groomed, whereas Nibbetts was at once leonine, rugged, and nearly shabby.

He was still bearded, still rather leonine, but he was better groomed than in those days in India.

In spite of a lingering unkemptness, he was indeed a fine object to view—massive and leonine.

But the marchioness, standing erect with a leonine boldness, fixed him to his place with a scornful look.

His untrimmed beard, his bent head with its leonine mane of iron-gray hair, lent him an almost patriarchal look.

Then the Genius had entered the room—a fierce and sombre-looking man of sixty, with a leonine head and impatient eyes.

Danton, in his leonine rle, was very fine upon this occasion.

The head was white-maned, leonine, with handsome florid features and sharp blue eyes.

They are all in rhyming Latin, and chiefly, though with exceptions, in the loose trochaic metre called Leonine.

There was something irresistible comic in the puzzled and worried expression of that leonine face.