Leprechaun [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Leprechaun:

Just now he was being a sly leprechaun, if one can imagine a double-chinned, three-hundred pound leprechaun.

He told us that he was a Leprechaun (male), but that in a ruined fort near us dwelt the Pixies.

"More, perhaps, than you imagine—cares and anxieties," said the leprechaun.

"And what a life-time," observed the leprechaun, reproachfully.

To my first intention; that is, to illustrate the position in Fairydom of the Leprechaun.

A withered leprechaun set eyes into the head of a minikin hound.

Another man sees a leprechaun walking up to him—'a weeny deeny dawny little atomy of an idea of a small taste of a gentleman.'

The leprechaun seemed to be in a state of insensibility, as Terry examined minutely its old-fashioned appearance.

"It was that very feeling of humanity, which I knew yet lingered in your heart, that saved you," replied the leprechaun.

"He turned his poor old mother out of doors, the other day," observed the leprechaun, quietly.