Lessees [noun]

Definition of Lessees:

holder of lease

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Sentence/Example of Lessees:

He may be a lessee, agent, or having such possession and control as would justify him in thus acting.

If the time be less, a verbal lease may be made, even though the lessee does not take immediate possession of the premises.

If the lessee die, his executor or administrator can assign the remainder of his term.

A transfer by the lessee of the whole or a part of his interest for a part of the time is a sublease and not an assignment.

As the lessee may assign or sublet unless forbidden, so may the lessor part with his interest in the leased premises.

The lessor is more generally known as the landlord, and the lessee as the tenant.

When a lessee is evicted or turned out of possession by his landlord, he is excused from paying rent.

An act done by a wrongdoer, not under the lessor's order, will not justify the lessee in quitting.

And if a lessee should sell part of the stock contrary to the lease, the purchaser would be liable therefor.

And, if that wish is realised, the lessee of the Lyceum will be one of the happiest men on record.