Lesser [adjective]

Definition of Lesser:

inferior, secondary

Synonyms of Lesser:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lesser:

Sentence/Example of Lesser:

Most visitors stick to Tenerife, the largest island, but a new trek with outfitter CanariaWays explores lesser-known La Gomera.

Avoid some of the lesser-known options, especially those with reputations for being highly unreliable.

Baggott’s analysis does not merely focus on the most popular interpretations of quantum mechanics, but includes many of the lesser known ones.

Let’s have a look at five quick and lesser-known ways to speed up ecommerce conversions.

Not all athletes have the resources to create the virtual pro days that have now become the primary way for lesser-known players to put their names on the draft boards of NFL teams.

Haggard merely played for the excitement, and Spunyarn because it was a lesser bore to play than to look on.

But I have never once thought of believing that they were specially created to be lesser lights to the Earth.

And he forgot his lesser self in this crowded atmosphere of ancient divinities and old-world splendour.

There was a famous Bar, including all the big-wigs of course, and some lesser wigs, and numbering more than twenty in all.

Crane and Keith were at the same interesting employment, but on a lesser scale.