Letdown [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Letdown:

It was an unprecedented public involvement in the normally secret negotiations, and it was a painful letdown for many that you could see coming hours before it happened.

So many times through the first 18 games of the season, the Wizards have come out on the wrong end of these fights, mostly because of a defensive letdown.

If there’s a letdown of behaviors, it’s going to find a way.

It doesn’t fly around like a drone, though, so it’s kind of a letdown after the previous announcement.

When I came back, I just knew that it would feel a bit like a letdown after having had the chance to play in Australia for a full season.

Someone else—Crag was never quite sure who—wanted an exact description of how the Aztec had handled during letdown.

Knowing that nothing was in sight but waiting was a letdown after the activity of the predawn hours.

For most people, the experience of hypnosis is something of a letdown.

No matter how you looked at the situation, the kid was in for a big letdown.