Letterhead [noun]

Definition of Letterhead:

material upon which one writes

Synonyms of Letterhead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Letterhead:


Sentence/Example of Letterhead:

Becerra sent it back, copied and pasted onto county letterhead.

Ms Galvez caught me staring at it and handed me a permission slip on smeary Xeroxed school letterhead.

In the case of a printed or engraved letterhead, the written heading should consist only of the date.

In the business letterhead appear the name of the firm, its address, and the kind of business engaged in.

The letterhead may be printed, engraved, or lithographed, and it is safest done in black.

Let fall a drop of ink on each of several pieces of white paper, letterhead size.

He ripped open the envelope and took out a sheet of paper, the letterhead printed in Arabic except for the name Fuad Moustafa.

Uh—I just got a glimpse of the letterhead, and it didn't register with me.

Well, she received a letter on this letterhead written in Russian.

Then, next is a letter on a letterhead of—would you read that for me?