Letters [noun]

Definition of Letters:

symbol of an alphabet

Synonyms of Letters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Letters:

Sentence/Example of Letters:

As small letters weary the eye most, so also the smallest affairs disturb us most.

Letters coming from him from time to time prove that he was alive and well at least until three months ago.

The book contains many words in which some though not all of the letters are in italics, for example Swordsman.

No law of that country must exceed in words the number of letters in their alphabet, which consists only in two-and-twenty.

At that time, the postage on letters from that region was very high, sometimes as much as fifty or sixty cents, or even a dollar.

And though I never suspected it at the time, I have no doubt that he pocketed the money and simply destroyed the letters.

This must have been already examined and considered, if the letters in which I discussed it at length have not been lost.

Old Pit Town knows lots of good people, and would give us letters, I suppose.

I used to have my letters addressed there, poste restante, and call in for them when I happened to be in Kimberley.

All these exhibitions of temper and anger result from what I have pointed out to your Majesty in many other letters.