Leveling [verb]

Definition of Leveling:

make even

Synonyms of Leveling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leveling:

Sentence/Example of Leveling:

“The risk of covid-19 spreading in a school is directly related to the level of covid-19 spread in the community and safety measures in schools,” he wrote.

When levels of community spread are very high, the chance of spread at school, too, is certainly higher.

The morning is a bit brighter than the afternoon, as high-level clouds increase.

Economists say they are concerned about the continued high level of job losses more than eight months into the pandemic, as the virus surges anew.

That level, said Thomas Rowlands-Rees, BloombergNEF’s head of North American research, could become a “new normal” if people change driving habits and the power sector continues to shift to renewable power.

While he averaged 23 points per game during a breakout sophomore season, he projects as a complementary option at the next level given his somewhat narrow offensive skillset.

Passenger numbers remain far below normal levels, tens of thousand of airline workers have been laid off, and carriers are losing billions of dollars.

The University of Michigan failed on many levels as this individual advanced through the administrative ranks.

Brace your core, and lift your opposite arm and leg off the floor until they’re straight and level with your torso.

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