Levelled [verb]

Definition of Levelled:

make even

Synonyms of Levelled:

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Sentence/Example of Levelled:

This study provides no actionable information about masking when used properly, with a high level of adherence with actually wearing the mask, and when high proportions of the population are masking up.

Here, you can find the right level of challenge to match your solving skills.

Using a longer piece of tape will allow you to take things to the next level and cover some of the space above your cheeks.

The data showed that people of all income groups reduced outings unrelated to work at roughly similar levels.

Embodying our national vulnerability, he generated a level of national goodwill.

During this pandemic, every activity in an indoor public place involves some level of risk, but some venues are far riskier than others—especially if they’re small and crowded.

Being an athlete, I’ve always searched for things that helped me to perform better at a higher level or more efficiently.

From the advocacy side of things, 2016 marked a different level of engagement – but it felt like we were late to the game.

Sport brings people together within countries, sports brings people together across countries, sport brings people together on the ultimate level playing field…I feel like the world needs sport more today than at any time in history.

Even with this one game, I saw major improvements in comparison to what the PS4 is capable of on a graphical level.