Levied [verb]

Definition of Levied:

assess, impose

Synonyms of Levied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Levied:

Sentence/Example of Levied:

Delta Air Lines is dropping fees to change tickets for most international flights from North America, joining American Airlines in ending the unpopular levies as a way to woo passengers back to overseas travel.

In creating Schitt’s Creek, Levy put pen to paper to let the world know what society could look like with less judgment and prejudice.

With the country’s levy of as much as 60% on inherited shares for large shareholders and 50% on real estate and other assets, Lee’s family could owe a tax bill of about $10 billion — which could be Korea’s largest — based on Friday’s closing prices.

The levies have merely been suspended over the lack of an appropriate collection mechanism.

It’s easy to see why someone like Levy would talk up esports potential, but its evolution in the absence of live sports speaks for itself.

They have levied war, excited rebellions, dethroned princes, and sacrificed millions for the sake of gain.

This tax was not directly levied for protection as the regular duty tax on imports had been but was levied for revenue purposes.

The heaviest contributions were levied on all natives and foreigners, and the misery of a siege was coming upon the city.

There were the “swell mobsmen,” the camorristi who dressed faultlessly and mixed with and levied fines on people of highest rank.

"For the liberation of the king," originally levied during the captivity of King Ferdinand.