Lewdly [adverb]

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The rumor was that Stewart was arrested in a park for engaging in “lewd acts” with other men.

In 2019, Wolfe Herd and Bumble backed a Texas law that criminalized the unsolicited sharing of nude images and Bumble launched a tool that automatically blurs lewd photos sent on the app.

He instances in some of their respective Employments; but I don't find that any of them were to talk Lewdly.

(Lewdly) The mouth can be better engaged than with a cylinder of rank weed.

Concerning Philip that she was lewdly transported with the loue of one Th.

He drained his glass noisily while his eyes remained upon the pretty buckskin-clad figure that so lewdly attracted him.

He is taught to curse and swear, to talk lewdly, to drink and gamble.

Nor did he talk lewdly to women; Newport would have thought him old-fashioned.

If that man should be lewdly given, he deceiveth me; for, Henry, I see virtue in his looks.