Liabilities [noun]

Definition of Liabilities:

answerability, responsibility

Synonyms of Liabilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Liabilities:

Sentence/Example of Liabilities:

Keepers of lodging and boarding houses are not innkeepers, nor subject to their liabilities.

Many states also have statutes and cities ordinances regulating the duties and liabilities of landlords and tenants.

When the bill of sale is executed the purchaser becomes entitled to all the benefits of ownership, and incurs all the liabilities.

This offer was accepted, and, so great was his talent for business, in two years Lige was free from all liabilities.

How was he to pay up the liabilities of his bank shares from his dwindling practice?

I believe 'Honest Tom' finished him,—raising money to pay off old debts, and then never clearing away the liabilities.

Can you make out any schedule showing your exact assets and liabilities at the present time?

I suggested assuming liabilities and stepping in, because I am backed by the best admiralty lawyers in New York.

You have not purchased all these various liabilities of my husband's without some definite object.

There was literally nothing left to his children but his heavy liabilities and his wife's small settlement.