Liable [adjective]

Definition of Liable:

answerable, responsible

Synonyms of Liable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Liable:

Sentence/Example of Liable:

Then, in July, Faber issued a second ruling that found Bluestone liable for the selenium violations.

They don’t want to be liable if someone has an adverse reaction.

It meant that a parent corporation like McDonald’s, one of the companies embroiled in litigation over the rule, could be held liable for a franchise owner’s wrongdoing, such as retaliating against workers for trying to unionize.

If the employee did so, the agency would have terminated a full-time contract with the employee and worked on a contract basis instead leaving the employee liable for paying for their own healthcare and other benefits can .

Yesterday a California appeals court ruled Amazon is liable for products sold by third parties on its site.

A couple of creatives went to one shoot and they had to fill out a ton of paperwork for HR that basically said the agency isn’t liable if anything happens health-wise.

Births, marriages, and deaths were also made liable to duties by the same Act.

Another way of rendering a principal liable for the act of his agent is by ratifying it.

His principal surely would not be liable, though the conductor doubtless would be.

A principal is liable for the statements and representations of his agent that have been expressly authorized.