Liaison [noun]

Definition of Liaison:

person who acts as go-between

Synonyms of Liaison:

Opposite/Antonyms of Liaison:


Sentence/Example of Liaison:

Rachel Kropa, former head of the CAA Foundation who joined Footprint Coalition to lead scientific and philanthropic efforts last year, will serve as the fund’s Impact Advisor and liaison to the scientific and research communities.

When the committee went ahead and voted for Garland to be co-chair, “the state liaison staff indicated the member was too disabled for the travel involved in state meetings and therefore couldn’t be the chair of the committee,” Lawrence wrote.

A sheriff’s liaison said the department does “spot checks” to see if deputies are following guidelines and conducts an annual audit that involves pulling incidents for review.

The city’s police and fire chiefs serve as the liaisons to the commission, meaning it’s precisely the opposite of an independent group.

Drummond’s departure came after romantic liaisons with subordinates, and complaints from employees that senior men at the company enjoyed impunity when it came to inappropriate behavior.

Such an act would be of a piece with Nigel's character, whereas a liaison—and yet Nigel was no saint.

In 1842, after his liaison with Mme. de la Baudraye, Lousteau lived maritally with her.

Not caring what the result might be, she publicly proclaimed our liaison, and I had come to live entirely at her house.

Perhaps some day when you were bored or worried you would fancy you saw a carefully concerted plan in our liaison.

But the serene blissfulness of the first days of their liaison was of short duration.