Liar [noun]

Definition of Liar:

person who tells falsehood

Synonyms of Liar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Liar:


Sentence/Example of Liar:

“When you meet with the FBI, who I cross-examine and call liars all the time, you can imagine it was a very difficult meeting,” Silvert said.

Instead of labeling lie after lie, perhaps social media should focus on figuring out how to reduce the audience for liars.

They figured if everyone was lying, at least they could elect a liar who claimed he’d lie for them.

Fact-checking worked because, in theory, politicians could be shamed by being called out as liars.

His eye is not on the facts at all, as the eyes of the honest man and of the liar are, except insofar as they may be pertinent to his interest in getting away with what he says.

Now that Bannon is spiking on the newsworthy charts, the media is having a field day, slamming him as a fraudster, shyster, liar and crook, reveling in his alleged dubious financial dealings detailed in the 35-page indictment.

We’ve got someone in the presidency who’s a liar, dishonest, who’s— he’s a philanderer.

While he grieved over the loss of our little one, you conceived a vile plot to 'get even,' Oh, you—liar!

I let him go on, exulting in the discovery that he was a liar, for I knew that it pushed me a step towards recovery.

I am grateful—voyons—if anybody ever says Aristide Pujol is ungrateful, he is a liar.