Libations [noun]

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Nothing on their faces betray the libations of over night, or the scanty measure of sleep they have been able to get.

This, coming on the top of other libations, made the whole scene dance before his bewildered eyes.

Bring forward, O strongly-anointed priests, your libations to the strong host of the Maruts, the strongly advancing.

Bright are the libations for you, the bright ones, O Maruts, a bright sacrifice I prepare for the bright.

Here they found two or three other members to whom Denham was duly introduced, and the usual libations were poured out.

I thought of the seas of human slaughter, whose redundant tides flowed on and on as libations upon the altars of ambition.

Clearly, the custom we have of breaking a bottle of wine is derived from the libations of the ancients.

Then, with libations tossed inward, the old friendship was consecrated anew.

The men rushed forward to pour libations in her honor, and to join hands and dance in a giddy maze round her car.

Poured libations on the altar, on the priests bestowed his gold, Offered to the sons of Pandu rich domain and wealth untold!