Liberalism [noun]

Definition of Liberalism:

free trade

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Sentence/Example of Liberalism:

Still, it’s telling that, for all the criticism of liberalism, influential voices are still fighting over its meaning — and reimagining it to serve their ends.

Stacey Abrams had long criticized that approach as ignoring the growing number of voters of color in the South and the region’s liberalism on some issues.

Sir Graham took me up and we fell into a discussion of the changing qualities of Liberalism.

This reunion of the Conservatives became the nucleus of a great reaction against Liberalism.

In the Prussian parliament seventy-three members broke off from the rest, calling themselves Reaction against Liberalism.

It is noticeable that in 1894 when this motion was introduced it was lost; a striking instance of the decay of Liberalism.

You should first know what Liberalism means, and then assure yourself that the thing itself is good.

At such a juncture "progressivism" and a "new liberalism" were bound to come into their own in the general opinion of the country.

Without Napoleon the conservative liberalism of to-day would have been impossible.

There was thus no real sincerity in their false liberalism towards the Church.