Liberalizing [adjective]

Definition of Liberalizing:

educational, enlightening

Opposite/Antonyms of Liberalizing:


Sentence/Example of Liberalizing:

The liberalizing of the Australian constitutions is entirely a matter of time, but the direction is pretty well indicated.

For aught I know, it may possibly have its little share in the onerous task of liberalizing systems of theology.

The centre of the liberalizing tendencies of the last years of the seventeenth century was Harvard College.

Economic history is more human, more democratic, and hence more liberalizing than political history.

It is not the church that needs liberalizing, but the state that needs Catholicizing.

Man has so long been the educated animal that he did not need so much liberalizing.

Through all these agencies, the liberalizing effects of the newer learning were widely diffused.

Into lives thus circumscribed the Grange came as a liberalizing and uplifting influence.

In the sixteenth century it was the Church of reform, of progress, of advancing and liberalizing thought.

Yet this critical spirit has been one of the most potent factors in liberalizing thought.