Liberals [noun]

Definition of Liberals:

person who goes against normal behavior, beliefs

Opposite/Antonyms of Liberals:

Sentence/Example of Liberals:

He forsook Tiphaine's party for the Liberals headed by lawyer Vinet.

The English Liberals are men who are convinced that things are not perfect, and who admit the possibility of reforms.

The Miguellites and liberals continued to maintain the civil war against the queen.

It is probable that the bill would have been lost without the support of the Irish liberals, led by the agitator.

Will they go to the bad, or will they rise from the ashes, aristocrats indeed—if the Liberals come in overwhelmingly?

One countervailing influence to my drift to Toryism in those days was Margaret's quite religious faith in the Liberals.

These tracts are valuable as eye-openers to uneducated workmen, but they possess no merit whatsoever for cultured liberals.

Yet the present generation of reformers knows little about these glorious Liberals.

For this task comes to Liberals as a sacred trust from Mr. Gladstone.

The Oxford Liberals lost, and, I must say, they deserved to lose.