Liberating [verb]

Definition of Liberating:

give freedom

Synonyms of Liberating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Liberating:

Sentence/Example of Liberating:

After a time it ruptures, liberating many minute rods, or sporozoites, which have formed within it.

In the same year Carthagena and Cuman, surrendered to the liberating forces in Venezuela.

You want to "reform things," poor girl—to rise and lay about you, slaying monsters and liberating captive maids.

I repeated the oath I had taken over and over again, and I did not find that it in any way prevented me from liberating the prize.

Then, liberating my right arm, the brigands fetched a lamp and writing materials, covering their faces with masks.

There's something really liberating about having some corner of your life that's yours, that no one gets to see except you.

The trappers, as I told you, left the fort and made an attack on the village, for the purpose of liberating Dick Lewis.

The first and greatest effort must be to free democracy from crowd-mindedness, by liberating our own thinking.

We hear of an old custom of liberating prisoners pro amore Dei.

And these Hugh roughly insisted on liberating, to the sullen anger of the hangman.