Libertarian [adjective]

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To this day, almost all of the most popular talk hosts are conservative or libertarian.

Alameda officials seemingly caved in to Musk’s libertarian defiance, announcing on May 13 that it would approve Tesla’s plan to reopen the plant—after Tesla already had done so.

While most other crypto founders are steeped in Silicon Valley and libertarian culture, Paxos CEO Chad Cascarilla cut his professional teeth at Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

For years blockchain technologies have been the domain of the libertarian right, but they’re starting to get more attention on the left — specifically, from socialists.

This perception is another legacy of the 2017 Bitcoin boom when digital miners—who typically share the libertarian, borderless worldview of the larger crypto community—took towns across the country for a ride.

“Leftists often see blockchain as a libertarian toy that’s only good for buying drugs, which I think is wrong,” says Matthew McKeever, executive associate editor of the academic journal Inquiry and a research assistant at the University of Hong Kong.

I probably saw, I don’t know, five to 10 Confederate flags, a couple of libertarian flags.

South Oceanside resident John Tyler, 51, is a libertarian and also based his vote in part on housing costs in the city.

Like Bitcoin, the broader world of DeFi is fueled by a libertarian worldview, and a thirst for money.

The case has been conceded to him in advance, and the libertarian can only flinch from his logic.