Liberties [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Liberties:

For over 300 years the country slumbered in ignorance of all that referred to its rights and political liberties.

To rights and liberties in general, and to those of America in particular, he had given long and careful thought.

In his use of French Alexandrine, or twelve-syllable verse, Mistral takes few liberties as to cæsura.

We have decided to take up arms because the liberties of the people and the interests of the nobles are equally threatened.

It was the Spy of the Neutral Ground, who died as he had lived, devoted to his country, and a martyr to her liberties.

Uncle Peter used to say, that he never tried to prevent these liberties but once, and he had occasion to repent bitterly of that.

And then, eating other victuals than Stevey Todd cooked was come to seem to me like taking liberties with strangers.

When Washington heard how they had fought he declared that the liberties of the country were safe.

King James recalled their Charters, by which their liberties were secured; and he sent over Governors with absolute power.

It was a war prompted and commenced by the colonies, and in which their very existence as well as liberties were involved.