Libertinism [noun]

Definition of Libertinism:


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Sentence/Example of Libertinism:

In his early years he dissipated almost all his patrimony in libertinism and debauchery.

The phrase εἴ μὴ ἐπὶ πορνείᾳ is, word for word, "if this is not through libertinism" (to give one's self up to libertinism).

Again, he said that we were to avoid libertinism, and to that end choose one woman, to whom we should remain faithful.

There is an affected humility more insufferable than downright pride, as hypocrisy is more abominable than libertinism.

That teeming town at the mouth of the Klondike set a pace in libertinism that has never been equalled.

That is, he answered, because one derives good out of bad company, as one does out of libertinism.

From severe suffering I did not rush into libertinism, but into an erroneous endeavor to appear other than I was.

Their libertinism of thought notwithstanding, all their hopes and dreams centered about marriage.

The companions of my former libertinism would scarcely believe their eyes, my dear doctor, was you to show them this epistle.

But—when you married me, you didn't marry a dawdling dude chattering 'advanced ideas' with his head full of libertinism.