Libidinous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Libidinous:

The animal is ignorant of diversity, of the accumulation of aptitudes; man alone is "luxurieux," is libidinous.

Art wants no such followers: her bravest work is done by brave men, and not by sneaking opium-eaters and libidinous 'reformers.'

But they hold her hand like brothers—quite simply and nicely, not at all sticky and libidinous.

Most of these women have a heredity of bad quality and are of weak character, idle and libidinous.

Wood has affirmed, that this accident arose from libidinous dalliance with a handsome black girl in Axe-yard, Westminster.

He is answered that, having learned of the world's evil by libidinous living, he can only do evil by exposing his knowledge.

That certainly is exceedingly shocking, it is an impudent libidinous phantasy, but—it does not occur in the dream at all.

What powers are these which interpose objections to libidinous desire, who are the other parties to the pathological conflict?

There is something else that makes the symptoms appear remarkable and inexplicable as a means of libidinous satisfaction.

But once upon a time this pain was real, a direct sexual toxic symptom, the physical expression of libidinous excitation.