Libido [noun]

Definition of Libido:

sex instinct

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Sentence/Example of Libido:

It also turns off higher cognitive thought, digestion, and libido.

Along with the association between mental health and libido, there is, as he describes it, a rise in the culture of risk avoidance — of “safetism.”

Add the depression that’s collecting around what seems to be a world out of control, and it seems pretty natural that your libido has taken a hit.

Libido is what earlier psychologists called "will" or "tendency."

Libido can perhaps be described as "effect," or "capacity for effect."

Libido is intended to be an energising expression for psychological values.

Libido effrenata effrenatam appetentiam efficit—Unbridled gratification produces unbridled desire.

On the opposite page Pudicitia—in a very spirited attitude—is driving her spear through the throat of Libido.

Libido: Life-force, élan vital, or (restricted) the energy of the sex-instinct.

Libido is an expression taken from the theory of the emotions.