Librarian [noun]

Definition of Librarian:

person in charge of a library

Synonyms of Librarian:

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Sentence/Example of Librarian:

The odor of cooking and pipe smoke penetrated the air, and soot from baking bread in the basement damaged books in the Library of Congress, a librarian noted.

She hopes that the books will be cataloged by the end of January, and that she and the other reference librarians can start answering food-related questions and adding to the site shortly thereafter.

Philip Williams, a librarian at a Singapore school, has used games on Roblox, a popular platform for the preteen set, to teach physics concepts.

She can describe the real experience of librarians and borrowers who are often overlooked in the copyright debates.

To help with that task, librarians have compiled a 2020 Election Reading List, with nearly 200 nonfiction and fiction titles for adults, kids, and teens.

Deputized librarians then separate the ballots from the books.

Shea Swauger is an academic librarian and researcher at the University of Colorado Denver.

The internet’s most comprehensive archive of food history — a passion project of one dedicated librarian — predates Wikipedia.

Because it's so much pleasanter, in a small library like this, to poke about by one's self—with the help of the librarian.

The Marchesa Baroli, at Turin, provided for his maintenance, by engaging him as her secretary and librarian.