Licentiate [noun]

Definition of Licentiate:

person who completes education, pursuit

Synonyms of Licentiate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Licentiate:

Sentence/Example of Licentiate:

If they had only been able to learn from the licentiate Alcaraz, who was experienced and very prudent!

He himself, seeing the door opened by Licentiate Legaspi in the case of the other woman, conducted the cause.

The licentiate Alvares de Caravajal was alcalde mayor from 1554 to 1558.

In the departments of medicine and jurisprudence there are three degrees; those of Bachelor, Licentiate, and Doctor.

Orso infinitely preferred discussing this question of physics to arguing with the licentiate as to the morality of his action.

After his preliminary studies he went to Oxford, where he became a licentiate of civil law, and took Holy Orders.

Seven of these men are regularly ordained ministers, pastors of as many churches; two others are licentiate preachers.

Four years later, when he was twenty-four and a half, he received his degree of licentiate of letters.

From the University he received the title of Licentiate of Law in 1895.

The faculties of theology confer the degrees of bachelor, licentiate and doctor of theology.