Licit [adjective]

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To the vice of luxury was she so abandoned that lust she made licit in her law, to take away the blame she had incurred.

His only act was to return a negative answer to the question whether it was licit to employ diabolic arts to save the city.

It remained for Aristotle to invent a genuine method of sorting out a licit from an illicit type of argument.

There are three fundamental conditions: 1, the consent; 2, a licit cause; 3, the capacity of the contracting parties.

To make such a double-effect action licit there are four conditions which are explained in the chapter on Mutilation.

Indirect mutilation may be licit when the evil to be avoided is proportional to the mutilation.

The good of the body is the sole cause that renders direct mutilation licit.

Even if this forcible delivery should happen to hasten somewhat the mother's death, the action would be morally licit.

This is a clear case of double effect immediately issuing from the same cause, and the operation is morally licit.

Because it is not licit to inflict a grave mutilation to avert a possible or probable future evil.